If an Australian says to you that "your blood's worth bottling", he/she is paying you a major compliment.
If an Australian believes you have been of great assistance to him/her in some way,for example solved a worrying problem for the person, had a positive impact on the person's life, been a true and helpful friend to that person, or done something of a significant positive nature for that person then he/she may show his/her very great appreciation for your help by telling you "Mate (or your name), your blood's worth bottling". Generally it is a special compliment only handed out for some personal contribution by you that the person believes is of particular significance to him/her. It is said when other methods of showing your appreciation are not enough, where it may be difficult to put your feelings into words or where it saves you going into a long winded explanation of your feelings.
by Dr J D Collins August 10, 2006
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