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Noun- Someone who is new to Youtube. Commonly will post bad videos and watch videos on the website and be late for work or stay up too late. Generally these people have no sense of time when watching videos as well.
My friend was watching The Best of The Office on Youtube and was late to work. What a younoob.
by Cheterism August 10, 2007
Any person on YouTube who feels the need to argue in the comments section under any video. If arguing on the internet is pointless than arguing on YouTube is like the plague.
Look at that moron arguing underneath the YouTube video, what a YouNoob!
by Smarc May 04, 2008
A person who has a Youtube account, but either has absolutely no idea how to use it, or just has the account so that they can rate things and/or watch videos.
B:Wow, someone's a total YouNoob.
by Joe Maama June 21, 2010
Someone that is new to Youtube. A "Youtube noob," someone who does not yet know how to use all the features of Youtube, such as uploading a video, leaving comments/video responses, editing channels, etc.
Can someone show me how to upload videos? I'm a younoob.
by Kenny Vo January 15, 2007
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