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1. a friend or aquaintance
2. a cute girl
1. Sup youngin? Aint nutin!
2. Man, I was tryin to holla at this youngin but she wasnt havin that!
by starqueen March 27, 2003
93 77
means young person.

- is just another way of calling out to someone that is younger than yourself.
"Yo youngin'' you got some skills keep it up."
by antjamram November 03, 2012
5 2
someone who doesn't have much experience in certain areas.
such as love, life, and especially sex.
that youngin was horrible in bed last night.
he was a youngin, he couldn't handle it.
by superwoman426 January 03, 2009
22 29
Used by those who can't spell young'un or youngun.
1. Nobody is in the process of "younging" anything. The word is "young'un" or "youngun," which is short for "young wun" (spelling of slangy pronunciation) or "young one" (more general spelling).

2. Man, you know what's a huge pet peeve of mine? The use of the word "youngin" instead of "youngun."
by juniper b. jones March 19, 2012
5 14
To be someone's friend or associate

To be a sexy girl
What it do youngin'?
by Cameron McFadden November 02, 2006
9 37
A person that is EXTREMLY young and when looked down upon is very corrupted.
1. Cheyenne skidmore
by Josh Jersey March 29, 2004
12 53