means young person.

- is just another way of calling out to someone that is younger than yourself.
"Yo youngin'' you got some skills keep it up."
#young #old #mature #adolescent #teen
by antjamram November 03, 2012
Top Definition
A word commonly used in the DMV area: DC, MD and VA. Often used when addressing another person.

May be used to address/ or when talking to a younger person, female, or friend.

Youngin' got a fat ass.
#young #youngin #champ #shawty #unc: beginning sound of the word uncle
by ewAhmeMe January 12, 2006
a kid you take under your wing, raise, or pretect
this is my youngin, dont fuck wit him
by duh August 21, 2003
A word that's commonly used in DC. Used to refer to any person whether young or old. Not necessarily disrespectful in nature.
Man, that youngin be lunchin.
#yungin #younging #youngn #youngins #youngon
by cocochanel October 22, 2005
A misspelling of young'un. Young one. A child or one who acts in an immature manner.
That young'un is a pain in the ass!
by numerator April 30, 2005
Country slang for young people. It means "young ones"
I wish those youngins would shut off that darn rap music.
#young #kids #youth #adults #youngens
by MOMINATL October 30, 2010
Somebody who don't know the game
What u know about that youngin?
by Giddy December 03, 2003
a word that is commonly used in p.g. county m.d when speaking with another person
"naw youngin, i aint get to go"
by jazzy November 22, 2004
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