youth, young people, a snotty nosed bad ass kid
Yo young buls be spittin mad knowledge, that could be a fact.
That young bul so bad. I'm bout whip dat ass.
by Finesse April 12, 2005
Top Definition
A Word That Oringinated In Philadelphia,Referring To Someone Younger Than You Or Someone Acting Immature
Yo, Them Youngbuls Were At The Party Being Dumb.

These Youngbuls Is Dumb And Don't Know What They Out Here Doing These Days.

I Saw A Bad Jawn, But She Turned Out To Be A Youngbul.

Keniesha Was Acting Like A Youngbul, That Jawn Turned Out To Be Immature.
by Asha A May 17, 2007
another word for a friend or youngin
fo shizzle this young bul is the off the heezy
by Rico September 01, 2003
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