badass rapper in gunit who stabed someone at 2004 vibbe awards
defending the rapper dr.dre who started g-unit!
in tie with loyd banks for second best rapper in g-unit.
young buck is under alot of hate by the blackwall stripers.
but they havent responded which pissed of the game.
g-unit includes:50 cent,young buck,tony yayo,lloyd banks,mazaradi fox],spider loc],and others.
Person 1:fuck dr.dre *throws chair at dr.dre*
young buck:you son of a bitch!!*stabs him with a knife*
by king jc 1515 December 13, 2007
A celebrity, who in a rage, stabs someone at a pointless awards show.
When I was at the Day Time Emmy's, I was YOUNG BUCKED by Rosie O'donnell.
by Josh November 28, 2004
young buck Noun.
1.Sexy, young and buck wild with real lyrics deadly enough to kill and strong enough to feel. A self-made young businessman with money on his mind and his priorities in order. 2. A marketing genius and man before his time. 3. The true definition of chocolate sex appeal and urban eye candy for the streets.
“Young buck (ing) with doe” means you have a lot of money.
by meelah October 16, 2005
to stab somebody for no reason other than to ignite fear throughout the heart of students at friends school of baltimore.
because of the young bucking following Dre being attacked, Friends school of Baltimore had a 10 minute lockdown where we closed the doors and the shades and turned the lights off. there were also 4 horns. A young man named Joe richardson missed the whole thing because he was busy listening to his ipod. the crazy MC however, was social enough to agree with my theory that the first horn was to say that young buck had escaped from the penitentary and was at our school. THE NEXT FOUR HORNS SYMBOLIZED THE FOLLOWING about Buck's arrival-
1. armed with a 9 mill
2. armed with a small asian dagger
3. Accompliced by The Game
4. in a state of "random young black man from the ghetto anger"
by reed January 06, 2005

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