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1) a kid, a young person.
2) a single sperm cell (also called "a kid").
1) Holla back young'un! Woo hoo!
2) Oops, there goes my young'uns all over your face...
by Nick D May 02, 2003
Youngun is a term used mostly by older generations to refer to anyone younger than them. Usually used to refer to young children to teenagers. Can be used as a term of endearment or an insult.
Younguns these days. They need to learn some respect for their elders.
by Jladie February 24, 2010
young people, immature kids, what someone older would refer to someone younger as being.
Plural of youngun.
Damn, look at all these younguns running around!
by cynicalprozak July 12, 2011
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