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a young person(male or female) who is a gangsta in every aspect but is too young to actually be called a "Gangsta",so there're usually called Y.G."Young Gangsta" or B.G."Baby Gangsta"
Lil' Homies to the O.G.'s and the gangstas
a young ryder that puts in work for the gangstas or the hood that usually results in violence or trouble.
Jay:Nigga I'm a 16 year-old gangsta

Menace:Nigga you ain't no certified gangsta yet, you too young to be a gangsta, just play your role as a young gangsta

Jay:I be puttin' in all the work for these niggas, i should be repected as an O.G.

Menace:you ain't gon' never get repected as an O.G. until you graduate from a young gangsta to a GANGSTA to an O.G.
by Young Menace August 10, 2006
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