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in philly its the word used to describe a male;
can also be cut down to the word bull.
Thats that nukka Rah...thas my young bull.
My young bull Philly and the bull Ben can flow.
by ZahBaby January 18, 2006
a boy or younger man
that young bull be fine
by ms.ali May 11, 2004
A person who is either younger than you or is someone who is smaller than you. Apparently it is only used in my part of the world in Philly.
Person 1: Whatcha listenin' to young bull?

Young Bull: Some Lil Wayne and drake.
by Jamarcus Fat June 18, 2010
A male or female who is being spoken to in a ghetto term. Someone who is not necessaryly young.
" Yo, hold up youngbull "
" What you doing tonight youngbull"
" Alright, catch you later youngbull"
" Whatttt upp youngbull"
by heather ( : January 24, 2009
a person that is younger than you
yoo whats up young bull??
dude im older than you, ahah you the young bull!
fine im the "young bull"
by amizzle z September 18, 2011
Male species less than 2 years in the bovine family.
Young Bull says to old Bull

Young Bull-Hey look at all those heffers down there why don't we run down there and fuck one?

Old Bull-Why don't we walk and fuck them all ?
by troubleddemon March 12, 2010
an enfant bovine mammal
That young bull will soon be in the rodeo.
by DJ SUTT February 11, 2004
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