A Young person who is inexperienced in life.
"You just a lil young buck."
"Young buck, you don't know nothin about this here."
by Chelley January 13, 2006
See gangsta.
My man Young Buck is in G-Unit aka G Unit. His single 'Let Me In' is SO much better than 'On Fire' by Lloyd Banks.

Also, a term for a young person. See young'n
Yo my crew G Unit is up in this! Holla back young'n WOO WOO! Holla back young'n WOO WOO!
by www.scotts-raps.vze.com August 04, 2004
Young Buck or YB is the best rapper around at the moment probably will still be for a long time. he is part of G-Unit which also has 50 cent Yayo, Lloyd Banks (which is second best rapper) and olivia
I Understand am a target am on top. but understand if u start it am gon'pop
-Young buck, Prices on my head
by DaBadGuy July 01, 2005
young man, built, studdly, usually the one who gets with the cougars, and pumas.
Hey ladies, Im a young buck wanting you
by Howieusmc April 16, 2009
young ass mofo. got to grow the fuck up or get fucked up. u got to learn.
damn dude is a young buck.
by no1can March 15, 2009
kick ass rapper in g unit. he has much more talent than 50 cent and lloyd banks and tony yayo all together, and hes got an ill flow in his songs. just recently released his album, "buck the world", which includes songs such as get buck, slow ya roll, pocket full of paper, puff puff pass, and 4 kings, just to name some favorites. he is a true gangster
"watch me do my thang, i got these hoes open, im ridin presedential like the shit that im smokin"- get buck by young buck
by yungbuck4ever April 28, 2007
Broke, No Money, In Debt, Having No Money In Bank Account, Crying About Being Broke, Asking For Money, Cant Read Contracts, Spending All Yous Money Then Crying For More Money.
I was on my way to the store but i forgot i was young buck.

Young Buck Credit Score

Get A Bank Account Young Buck

I went to the 50cent concert forgot i was young buck, i had to sneak in.
by pedo dan July 30, 2011

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