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As quoted by the oh so famous Welsh Rappers The Goldie Lookin' Chain, or GLC
Youknowsit clart...
by Benjee December 06, 2004
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you knows it...slang frase used by residents of the UK...goldie lookin chain are known for using it often
you knows i love you
you knows its true
but i love your sister too
by youknowsit November 02, 2006
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The Goldie Lookin' Chain's motto, slogan and catchphrase used when someone says something of approval.
1. "You knows it."
2. "Y-y-y-y-you knows it."

There is also a specially derived "You knows it" used in times of extreme approval:
3. "You fuckin' knows it.
Guy 1: "She is fit."
Guy 2: " You knows it."

Guy 1: "Fresh, bru'"
Guy 2: "Safe as fuck."
Guy 3: "Y-y-y-you knows it."

Girl: "Wow, your dick is big."
Guy: "You fuckin' knows it."
by ThisIsFate January 14, 2010
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