Noun: The opposite of "mea culpa," Latin for an act or omission that is "my fault". A "you-a-culpa" is an act or omission that is all YOUR fault and not at all MY fault.

Usually associated with a complex situation where the appropriate person or persons to blame is open to dispute.
When the house fell down shortly after contruction, all the you-a-culpas started flying.

Don't start with the you-a-culpas, man. I know you're the one who wrecked my transmission!
by KatieOh! August 29, 2006
Top Definition
To shift blame while apologizing for someone else’s mistakes.
"I was impressed by Michael Brown's willingness to accept responsibility for how incompetent everyone else was. He candidly admitted he was too trusting, too able, too overskilled to deal with all the retards around him. Overall, Jon, a heartfelt and stirring you-a culpa."

--Rob Corddry, correspondent on The Daily Show
by BearMuse October 05, 2005
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