It's what a clucka (fiend) (dope feind) from Chicago asks a drug dealer when he's looking for his fix (drugs)
Aye you good dog?. . . .what up man you good?
by Chitownzgoofy May 22, 2006
Top Definition
everythings cool with us; You looking tight
I was wondering about that, but you good. Or, You good with what you got on.
by Denise J December 18, 2007
Very casual way of asking "how are you?", more similar to "are you well?".
"YO! You good?"
by natnatnatnatnat September 17, 2013
A nonchalant way of asking "Are you high?"or also; "Are you TOO high?"
Jerry: *Wanders in, drooping eyelids, eyes darting around*
Tom: "You good?"
Jerry: "I'm great, man." *Grins*

Sarah: *In class, staring at the ceiling, mumbling to herself*
Jessica: "Sarah, you good?"
Sarah: "Nope..."
by pinksy56 February 05, 2012
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