thanks for doing that for me! you're a doll
by Sammy November 04, 2003
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Your're a wonderful person; a sweetheart.
"Alice, thanks for cooking me dinner. You're a doll."
by Moysha Rabanu November 01, 2003
Your a sweet and nice person.
Thanks for helping, you're a doll.
by Undisclosed November 02, 2003
a compliment that could mean you did somethin nice or your are attractive or some other positive thing
Can I borrow 2 G's?
-Sure bitch
Thanks! You're a doll!!
by Dirty November 03, 2003
slightly condescending way of referring to a woman, usually after she's done something small & nice (but not too mentally taxing) for you.
(after she brings me a beer)
you're a doll love!
by Smiff November 03, 2003
1. Something that stuck up celebrities say to someone
1. Can you dim those lights for me? Thanks your a doll.
by lazyassloser March 25, 2004
phrase use'd by old people when talking about how cute a child is, usually accompied with a pinch on the cheek or a pat on the head
Billy, you're a doll. *pinches cheek*
by Dan November 01, 2003

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