1. asking about the sexual orientation of an ambiguous individual.

2. synonymous to "whats up" or "hows it going"
1. guy 1: "Hey man, you straight?"
guy 2: "Now that ithss none of your buthssinethss."

2. Brandon: "You straight?"
Guy: "Yeah Brandon, you straight?"
by TIMOTHEOUS "DICK" BARLOW March 12, 2007
Top Definition
used to find out if someone has illigle drugs. used mostly for marijuana. asking to obtain marijuana.
whats good son, you straight?

or, yo nigga you straight?
by FrankTheTank18 May 10, 2009
What someone would ask their friend if they were really fucked up.
"Nigga, you straight?"
by Blazin all day July 09, 2009
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