This phrase has been used in word boxing for many years. It's useful in every setting from family to new love.
It tends to be used primarily as a counter phrase when one is made to feel uncomfortable. Also used if the user feels they have over stepped some boundary.It's usually followed by a new topic as quickly as possible, or by silence.

The use of ya instead of you directs the listeners mind to a softer, less serious side of speech.
Person 1.. I sure am glad I met you. I think we could be great together, your so special.
Person 2.. Oh.. you know I love ya. Hey did I tell you my cat had kittens?

Person 1..I never get so drunk I forget what I did.
Person 2.. Really? so you remember hookin' up with your second cousin at the club last week?
Person 1.. No you didn't!
Person 2..Oh, you know I love ya girl.
Top Definition
A phrase used to minimize the damage after insulting someone. Often accompanied by "I didn't mean that" or "Just kidding".
Damm you're so fat, you can't even jump to a conclusion...Ha Ha just know I love ya.
by Lalit May 23, 2004
A phrase said after you've massacred someone's pride.
"You really look hideous today"


"But don't worry! You know I love ya!"
by twiztidmeow May 22, 2004
a good opportunity to say this phrase would be after cracking a joke about someone that is somewhat insulting, but not taken to the heart.
"aww come on now, you know i love ya!"
by Melanie May 21, 2004
a phrase used by a significant other to get out of a troubled situation or take back something they did or said.
guy: get me a beer, BITCH!
girl: WHAT?!?!? who u callin a bitch?
guy: you know i love ya
by gato May 21, 2004
used after insulting or making a joke of someone, to make them feel better
Dude that was cold!
Oh, you know I love ya.
by commoner May 22, 2004
What the object of your affection says when they sense you're interested but just want to be friends. (Esp. in text messages "U noe I luv ya")
You: "Oh okay nevermind then we don't have to meet up today."
Him/Her: "Yeah sorry. You know I love ya!"
by Lee-Er May 20, 2004
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