Chris Tucker's only good line in "Friday" one of Ice Cube's movies played repeatedly on Comedy Central
chris tucker "You got Knocked THE FUCK OUT"
by Maverick8578 November 15, 2006
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standard speech for some fool to yell on an internet fight video after someone goes down. waaaaayyyy played out.

makes me CRINGE and i immediately want to slap the fuck out the person who says it...
it always happens in the following succession:

1. first you hear: 'get em homie'... 'get that nigga'... 'fuck that bitch up'

2. then: <SMACK> ... fist to face

3. quickly followed by a: <SMACK> ... head/body hits ground

4. here it comes 100% of the time: 'AHHHHHH, YOU GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT'
by sickofthepussies August 14, 2007

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