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when someone goes over the top, in a joke, an example of a situation or any other circumstance. Stems from T-Rav who, when angered by the rest of the group would go off on a rant that would include such pharses as " you fooorced it, get off my dick, come on dog and you already know.

The phrase has gained a second life with the decison to make other words that fit by saying these words in place of foooced it with the extended o's included

T-Rav " Yo you tryin to chill later"
Greg "No Chance I would ever chill your the wackest dude to chill with since 92"
T-Rav " SEE YOU FOOORCED IT with that one"

Example of the second part

Ant " You Original Cooooooorsed it"

Greg " You MS Doooooosed it"

Bax " You 911 Poooooorsched it"
by 617 August 30, 2006
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