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The famous line on Jerry Springer, Maury, etc.
Jerry: Let's bring out the fat and ugly sluts!


Sluts come out screaming, "You don't know me! You don't know me!" while audience is booing with disgust.
by Carlito October 06, 2004
"You don't know me" is an incredibly brilliant statement that you can resort to when Mr. Jack Daniels is making it harder for you to say things that make sense.
Cop: Sir, have you been drinking tonight?
Me: You don't know me.
by S4lutDude! December 28, 2009
An expression often yelled by voluptuous women in heat. Meant to convey their rebellious sass, invincibility, and general rejection of white male society. The expression is often utilized in day time talk shows based featuring bootylicious women on quests to find their respective "baby daddies." Warning: Do not mess with this species of female. She will shank you. Also, the phrase rarely makes contextual sense.
Todd: Hey babe, let's go back to my place.

Monica: I ain't yo' ho. I won't give it up that easy.
Todd: Baby, can't I just put the head in?
by SleezyC1234 May 25, 2009
what all young I- think- I'm-misunderstood- by- society -so- let-me-listen-to-gay-ass-emo yells at their parents once in while,so they can really convince themselves that the world is out to get them and they're rebels but in reality they're just conformist SoB's
Fat Mom: Want some cookies?
Angry teenager that goes to Hot Topic and thinks they're cool: YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!!GO AWAY LINKIN PARK!!!
Fat Mom: Fine then more for me
by GANJAMAN February 11, 2005
i'm calling you out to fight me.
if i was arguing with someone nd i tell them you don' know me. i'm to fight you.
by evelena singleton March 24, 2005
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