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A Toyota. Commonly used amongst Toyota enthuiasts.
Dude, nice Yota!
So, are we taking tha Yota today?
by cali4rnr February 14, 2005
-A jacked up toyota truck
"I'm just gonna get a jacked up yota''
by Kevin Young November 01, 2004
Toyota Rock Crawler
Check that yota out!
by TON[Y]OTA March 22, 2010
1.someone with an uncommon interest in all things; their curiosity often leads them into dangerous situations that they cannot escape from. A Yotum is known to cause mass destruction.

2. A clumsy person
3. Someone whose curiosity is mistaken for confusion.
1. Watch out Billy, a Yotum just walked into the room.

2. That Yotum looks like they are upto no good!

3 Why would you sleep with a Yotum?
by The Dues Dude October 31, 2011
Another word for queer, most Yotums' have a unbelievably small penis.
you are such a Yotum
by agent cool April 16, 2009
An acronym for the "Year Of The Ass," a 365 day period when a man, dealing with the end of a relationship, forsakes secure, sweet, and stable women, and instead exhibits monk-like dedication to bedding as many insecure, psychotic, emotionally unstable, superficial, idiotic, or simply sex-crazed women as he can.
"Because Charlene broke off our engagement and ran off with some dude she met in Vegas, I am beginning a YOTA that will last until next May. Might you have any emotionally unstable, borderline attractive female friends or co-workers?"
by Mamon November 13, 2006
The practice of trading assets in exchange for new assets while incurring a significant loss due to the depreciation of the previously owned assets. In order for a true "Yota" to occur, this must be done repeatedly, thereby displaying a total disregard for personal fiscal responsibility.
The man decided to purchase a Mazda Rx8 only to turn around three months later and trade it in on a used Toyota Tacoma. After owning the Tacoma for six months, he pulled a yota and traded his Tacoma in for a brand new Mazda 6.
by W0lverine April 11, 2006