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YOSI is a slang derivative of the Tagalog word SIgarilYO (from Spanish, cigarrillo for cigarette), with its first and last syllables put together in reversed order.

cigarrillo = sigarilyo = SI garil YO = SIYO = YOSI
Huy! Mag-yosi muna tayo...

"Hey! Let's have a cigarette first..."
by Mongol Cabelin August 12, 2007
phillipino way to say cigarette
wanna yosi, wann yose?
by dihzae July 24, 2003
A shorter version of Yoselin. Cute, sweet nickname. Spanish words for "I, Yes".
I love Yosi.

Yo-si voy a ir.
by princessita February 14, 2011

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