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The act of jumping on someones back and having them run. Done in the same way Mario and Luigi ride Yoshi's in the Super Mario Bros. series. Works well in ball games.
Ronald: Why is he on his back when he has the ball?
McDonald: Oh hes just Yoshiing.
#yoshing #mario #luigi #super mario bros. #piggy back
by jjuttup September 04, 2011
To flirty very unsubtly with someone. Name origin from the Mario Character Yoshi, whom many people like and thus, could flirt with.
Every day at my clothing store, all the guys are yoshiing with the girl at the register counter.

In dialogue: She was just yoshiing with me so of course I knew that she was interested.
#interested #flirting #playing the game #subtle #dating
by stress501gamer January 15, 2011
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