what some people call new yorkers. specially when they have tendencies to do very inner city things.
why can't he ever leave home without his cell phone? well, he's a yorkie.
by Denia April 30, 2006
An unsuspecting name for a homosexual man.

An alternative for the more vulgar "gay" man.

Not being of the girl variety.
You're a fu****g Yorkie.

I'm a Yorkie and proud.

What's a Yorkie like you doing here?
by LTAM August 14, 2008
Extreme form of debagging typically performed as an initiation where a man's underpants are removed over his head without first removing his trousers. This involves a great deal of pain to the hapless victim until the crutch snaps and the item can be pulled upwards freely.
He's made it into the first fifteen. That's got to be worth 10 pints and a yorkie.
by ud40 February 23, 2005
an affectionate slang term for York Peppermint Patties, usually used by addicts
I need my Yorkie fix today
by vopey April 18, 2005
Unpleasent person from the north of england characterised by string vests, whippets on strings. Is likely to breed pigeons, or breed with them in fact. Usually has a fat wife and 3 hundred squeeling kids, and complains about the weather all the time
by My May 13, 2003
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