Someone who uses shitting as a way to get out of work.
Man I'm tired today. I think I'm gonna pull a york today.
by KDEEZLE July 21, 2009
Word used to describe someone who resides in Yorkshire (an area within Prince William County). People who fit this category will generally tend to engage in such white trash activities as snorting their sister in law's Tylenol-3, jacking off to pictures of their friends' girlfriends, creating glory holes in the bathroom of Tom's Diner, vomiting (after drinking 2 or more FourLokos, of COURSE) in a random parking lot, or even selling oregano to their friends' eight year old siblings as a substitute for marijuana. This can also refer to people who take paternity tests about 2-4 times every two months or forgetting to charge your boat battery before going fishing. Basically anyone who is "white trash"
Mike: Did you see that motherfucker?

Nick: Yeah dude, he was so York"


Megan: "I need two four lokos tonight"

Jay: "Fuck, she's gonna york it up tonight"
by DatThrillNigga June 11, 2010
Another word for someone who resembles a Grizzly Bear woken up from his hibernation prematurely by some poor unsuspecting hikers.
"I think I've stumbled across a York"
by Mattias April 15, 2005
Slang first used in boring parts of Massachusetts. The state of squirting liquid out of one's mouth or nose, due to great fits of laughter.
Yesterday while I was drinking my juice box, Emily said something wicked funny and made me york!
by eMiLyM842 July 23, 2003
My stupid, racist, hick-town high school.
Howdy yall! Welcome to york new york! If you are gay or colored, we don't want you.
by :-) March 21, 2005
Hates life and people and has an inability to think of things other than the negatives. These people are horrible to be around and will suck all the happiness out of you. Tall and gangly, Yorks sulk around the streets carrying with them an air of social dissent.
Who invited that york, he's going to ruin the party!
by Blahah June 18, 2006
A University located in North Yorkshire, in England.
It is full of middle class white students who, according to a national survey, are the most boring in the nation.
Hence the name: University of Dork
Look at this Geeks,they are certainly Yorkies.

Last time I went to a house party at York. We ordered Pizza, we drunk beer and played video-games. Don't tell my mun, though. She wont let me go to parties.
by George the Nerd March 29, 2004
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