to get your dick sucked/the process of getting your dick sucked. a blowjob
"i'm tryin to get some yop from my girl tonight"
"that bitch gives some boss yop"
by nigga916 June 26, 2007
1) written, job, pronounced yop in Russian, means fuck.

2) "yob", the root of several hundred curse words in multiple slavic languages, all meaning fuck in different situational and grammatical contexts.
Yop! I stubbed my toe!
by varanoid December 05, 2007
Yop: Verb, "To yop" meaning to ejaculate on any external body part, usally the face.

Yop: Noun- thick seamen fluid.
"Adam shot his yop all over David"

"Adam drank a bottle of yop"
by Mr_Rice_man October 13, 2004
Def. 1) French Yoghurt like drink that comes in a bottle, can be found in different flavours (a bit like a condoms really)

2) A word us as an Adjective or a noun or a pro-noun, etc....defining a certain activity that involves a thick liquid which brings u back to the french drink "Yop!".
"brb in 10 mins, i need some Yopping."

"That was absoyoppinglutly great"
by Bint March 06, 2004
Literal term in Farsi (slang) meaning constipated; derives originally from the Farsi (proper) word Yobusat. Someone who is YOPS is someone of an annoyance who carries awkward traits and or says or does awkwardly unnecessary things.
DUDE, this girl is so yops all she talks about is politics and farting on people purposely. Wanna know the YOPESEST part of it all? she started telling me about Inmates in jail who get an additional 11 years of imprisonment for intentionally farting on a correctional officer. NOT DOWN, AT ALL! Shes so fucking YOPS! #byefelicia
by Yops January 20, 2015

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