French yogurt to drink (packed in a bottle)
Yo! J'ai craché dans mon Yop!
by FrenchLascar187 February 14, 2004
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The supreme syllable of primal self-affirmation and/or -acceptance, suitable for shouting from mountaintops, astride a wrassled bear, on the verge of battle against immeasurable odds, in math class, or over the roofs of the world.
I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslateable, I sound my barbaric yop over the roofs of the world
by MrHeretik January 21, 2011
How country kids say "yup" or "yep"
Boy: "Yew done wif that plate, gull?"

Girl: "Yop, hyuh, take det!"
by Kuntreefied August 14, 2012
An alternate way of confirming something. It is also used to end sentences for no apparent reason.

Possibly a misinterpretation of "yes"

All the cool kids use this word.
Suck my balls, yop.

I"m taking out the trash, yop.
by Yopster July 11, 2009
yop is a word that you can use to greet your close friends. also it can be used to tell someone to go away. kind of liek tellin them to f**k off but not as nasty but isn like a polite gesture
person 1 : yop person 2
person 2 : yop person 1

example person: oi u yop off!!!!
by nathan August 04, 2004
French yogurt.
On s'fait un yop ?
by Marianne January 18, 2004
to rapidly and aggressively shoot an automatic machine gun
I was steady yopping at the firing range today.

Got da choppers on deck, and da yoppers on deck.

-Gucci Mane
by Don Steezy March 23, 2011

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