The retarded way of saying hola.
Hey buddy!
by Roryson May 06, 2010
A combination of yo and hola. (hola is spanish for hello)

A greeting most of my friends use.
by JewelLeeana February 09, 2009
a mix between the two words hola and yo both meaning hello or hi in a greeting sort of fashion.
Yola Molly how are you.
by Nicole Olson October 20, 2007
a rickety boat that migrants sail on to get to the U.S. or its territories.
Damn homie there's like 100 haitians floatin up on that yola!
by laura-brooke August 17, 2006
The best website builder there is.
I built a yola website about my landscaping business.
by amadam August 25, 2009
A greeting. Mixture of Yo and Hola. Used mostly by people in the eastern region of the US.
"Yola, what up, son?"
by Point Blank March 18, 2006
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