when lost for words in a sticky situation
"Then i went to stick it up her, yola"
by thumper August 09, 2003
A greeting that is a combination of "Yo" and "Hola"
Yola, what's up?
Yola, how are you today?
by CandiLips May 18, 2008
A combination of the words "yo," and "hola." Resulting in the spanglish word, "Yola."
person a: "hey!"
person b: "yola!"
by neonsunday June 17, 2009
Godly word combing "Yo" and "Hola". A good word to use if you can't decide how to greet somebody.
Yola! How ya doin, chief?
by Skatastic Jay April 03, 2005
a greeting simalar to hello
yola my friend
by zorflax November 11, 2003
The retarded way of saying hola.
Hey buddy!
by Roryson May 06, 2010
by Anonymous October 31, 2003

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