Deserting your friends/band mates/organization for your new found love or significant other.
pulling a Yoko: "Man we were doing so good and then he had to go and pull a Yoko"
by Zaphod May 26, 2004
A type of German facist stripper.
"You guys coming out to see that Yoko dance tonight?"
by U.S. Census Board April 20, 2003
to break up a musical group thruogh sex.
Courtney Love pulled a yoko on nirvana.
by sky May 07, 2003
an instigating cunt who picks on other cunts because she is a retard; one who takes pictures of ones own used tampons and uses stupid slang words like LAFFO.
tschernobyl is a yoko
by tschernobyl June 07, 2004

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