Deserting your friends/band mates/organization for your new found love or significant other.
pulling a Yoko: "Man we were doing so good and then he had to go and pull a Yoko"
by Zaphod May 26, 2004
Japanese for fox demon/apparition
That beautiful Yoko is very sly!!!
by ell7 September 08, 2009
a yoko or "Yoko" refers to a woman of mediocre or comparatively acute artistic ability who becomes romantically involved with a successful and highly talented man. Her increased involvement in and influence on his artistic contributions and general habits leads to a great loss in credibility and artistic integrity, as well as financial loss and, in some cases, causing or introducing factors and situations that lead to the man's death, total ruin, and/or posthumous defamation of character (whether intentional or not).
-Yoko Ono Lennon (whom this term derives from), and her relationship with musician and political activist John Lennon of Beatles fame.
-Nancy Laura Spungen, and her relationship with musician John Ritchie (Sid Vicious) of Sex Pistols fame.
-Courtney Michelle Love, and her relationship with musician Kurt Cobain of Nirvana fame.
by Highlandheadbanger September 24, 2009
Person who uses the reflected glory of a more talented or famous friend, parent or spouse to create opportunities for themselves; see Yoko Ono
Can you believe Frank Sinatra's son is touring and doing covers of his fathers work? What a yoko.
by Steve the Critic January 01, 2008
In verb form:
To royally screw up a band. (Usually applies to a woman/man who screws up the band because she/he is screwing a band member.)

In Noun form: The said band screwer-upper.
Person 1: I used to like their band, what happened?
Person 2: Lead singer got Yoko'd and it all went down hill from there.

Person 1: What's up with lead singer?
Person 2: See that girl hanging off him? That's what.
Person 1: Dammit Yoko, stop screwing up the band!
by Lord of the Ping June 18, 2007
hot blonde girl with big boobs
phwoar look at that yoko
by John123 October 18, 2007
Scheming nip who eminates malice from every pore.
Paul McCartney spoke of his fondness to attack Yoko with a claw hammer.
by Brigante June 11, 2005
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