Deserting your friends/band mates/organization for your new found love or significant other.
pulling a Yoko: "Man we were doing so good and then he had to go and pull a Yoko"
by Zaphod May 26, 2004
sexy old lady, avant-garde, punk rock, disco diva, gay diva, feminist, singer, artist, composer, crazy
"She´s a real Yoko", like, this old lady is really sexy!
by Alexandre Soares April 06, 2005
a person who makes one feel like a natural human (Yoko Ono)
I heard an old Aretha song the other day, warm sun shining down, and I just got the yoko buzz of figuring out the answer to the ultimate question. But the news of the day, oh boy, zapped the yoko out of me when I saw the carnage.
by magnusonart May 02, 2005
a BIG girl who is unattractive and unlikely to get any attention or action, unless she takes advantage of an unlucky fellow who had consumed too many alcoholic beverages. the name "yoko" derived from the famous professional wrester from the '80s named Yokozuna.
"damn man last night was crazy, Jose hooked up with a yoko."

"yokos need love too."
by takeiteasypaulweezy September 13, 2012
n. a woman who really thinks she's an interesting artist, but is actually just a poser whos "cool" comes from who she dates/marries. a woman who makes really annoying art and tries to pretend it's "heavy' . an energy sucker. someone who's attempts at being "avant garde" come off to real artists as sensless crap. a woman who shows up at band practice and makes suggestions.

v. to be this kind of woman. to be a woman who stunts a man's artistic abilities in favor of her own mediocre ones .
"hey , bob's music has become very boring, and i havent seen him in months. he used to be really productive

"well, he got married to a yoko, what do you expect"

'what the hell is that horrible noise in the background of bob's new recording"

"man, you just noticed? he got yoko'd last year and its been like that ever since"
by phaedrider November 16, 2009
A girl with a sniper rifle, usually with boobs bigger than the national debt
Kamina: hey simon who's that girl with the huge tits?
Simon: bro that's yoko
by Animepancake November 09, 2014
1. A person who ruins friendships and ends close groups.

2. An outside force that causes the breakup of a friendship.
3. A person who comes out or no where and demands too much control in a group.

4. See Yoko Ono
A group of friends have been tight for many years until one girl gets a boy friend and decides that he must become part of everything the group does. This eventually leads to group arguments and the eventual breakup of the group. That boyfriend is a Yoko.
by Yuckoono April 18, 2010
n. a bitch girlfriend who doesn't let you chill with your boys
derived from Yoko Ohno, the wife of John Lennon, who single-handedly broke up the Beatles
"Where's he tonight?"
"Chillin with Yoko, she wouldn't let him come out"
by pubisaurismaximusesquireobgyn April 30, 2009
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