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dunkin on someone after you scuse them
"oh shit you just went yokers on that young bull"
by ptizzle March 30, 2006
1 3
The foulest smelling of all farts. Smells like rotten eggs.
Allen emitted a couple of yokers, followed by a disturbing shart.
by Bluto77 March 15, 2006
31 20
to be siked out
I might let joe score tonight... yokers
by S0F7Y January 19, 2010
5 0
are the ejaculation resulting from an improper zit squeezing.

also the action of squeezing a zit
Pimpley faced teen: aww man I just ruined my mirror from the puss of my yoker (cracking voice)
by Mick_Suckins March 27, 2009
4 13