an other word for cum, after you have just climaxed
"i just yoged all over the room"

"can i yog in your mouth?"
by kate December 25, 2004
a gangmember that has been in a gang for 15-19yrz
G 1- "cuz CRIP GHOST a tru YOG"
G 2- "hell ya cuz that ni66a aint nuthin 2 fukk with"
#yog #gangbanger #young #origanle #gangsta
by D-boi April 16, 2007
short for the word yogurt only its what the cool people eat.
that hot chick was eating yog at Price chopper, it made her cool
by kate December 24, 2004
um....a person who finds these weird ass websites.

finds the ugliest girls to hook up with...yet has beauties on the wall.
i think he has figured it out
by you know who March 21, 2005
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