1. Another Word for canibus indica, medical grade marijuana commonly used by medicinal marijuana patients to describe the best varieties of weed.
When you go to the canibus club snatch me up some yoda, I need to feel the force.
by Corbis November 24, 2004
Synonym of very, to be accented of one characteristic.
That girl is yoda fat.

This job pays me yoda money!

I have to take a yoda dump.
by Torgo Rouzdouer September 13, 2003
an elder who is strong in the ways of the force
dang dude that guys a yoda hes old AND he can screw you good!!!!! mmmmmm
by heinzketchup January 17, 2003
A large, enormus, horse-hung, retractable penis.
Yoda pimps out all of the R2's with his yoda.
by Ewok Commander June 05, 2005
An infection of the penis.
Man I've got a wicked yoda.
by Yoda|E-Thuggin June 12, 2003
Slang term ;Wrinkled old coffin dodger usualy found at the front of any given queue when you are already running late.
by fish May 17, 2003
The most bad ass mutha fuckin Jedi Masta, Not master, cuz as we all know Yoda is a tru gangsta. He lives up in the Degoba system and he's under 3 feet tall and can bust yo ass in a blink of an eye.
In the words of Yoda. "Judge me by my size do you?"
by Kyle March 08, 2005

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