The one I pray to.
Oh powerful Yoda, grant me wisdom on this day...
by Jesus Christ April 16, 2003
short freaky grandpa that uses the force in all situations
yoda uses the force
by tjs December 06, 2002
A whill he is. Green he is. Exiled on Dagobah in his twilight years he is. Strong in the Force he is. The best Muppet in a billion galaxies he is. Sounds like Fozzie Bear he does, not surprising which is voiced by Frank Oz he is because. More to say I need not, hmmmm?
Yoda. Jedi Master. The hottest little green thing on two legs.
by Fearman November 22, 2007
Very potent Marijuana.Nice green , good amount of crystals.
" *kicks in door* , Who's got the Yoda "
by Staches September 15, 2007
a short green guy who learned enlgish from some guy across the Mexican boarder
"All day i worked and the money mine is, bruno!" -Yoda
by Thor 1942 June 14, 2007
slang for marijuana.
Guy 1: Dude, do you have any yoda on you?
Guy 2: Yeah, I was gonna go out back and fight the empire for awhile.
by cipher447 August 21, 2010
a creeper, normally a creeping male teacher who flirts with students
Yoda is keeping her after class.
by kingarthur666 May 04, 2009

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