A mock of the famous saying, Y.O.L.O. It was made by the creativity of some people. Y.O.D.A actually makes more sense than Y.O.L.O.
A guy makes a tragic decision. He than says YOLO. He might end up in a big mess. So Y.O.D.A
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by SomeGuyOnTheInternet June 13, 2013
Acronym for "You Only Die, Actually"
"What does the barrel of a gun look like from the business end?"

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by Pants88 April 26, 2013
Yoda started the order in about 20000 years after the order was started, he had one of the most highest medi chlorian count of most jedi -save a few of them back in the day and Anakin- but all in all he was powerful, when he was in his younger years(100-300) he had commanded a few fleets to attack in the Vorzyyd cluster and during that battle he had summoned a force storm large enough to cover an enemy planet in complete darkness and force lightning. now thats a jedi master, he had trained 100's of students including Dooku and a little of obi-wan kenobi and a little of luke skywalker.
I KNOW EVERYTHING!!!! hahahahah about star wars anyway.. my bad
by Yoda March 30, 2004
The 900 year old virgin.
You'll be like Yoda if you keep that up.
by Crebic April 11, 2016
Y.O.D.A (or YODA) is the nihilists' YOLO and an acronym for "You'll Only Die Anyway." To YOLO positivists, finite time compels them to occupy themselves with activities which bring meaning to their lives. The fact that "you only live once" brings significance to those actions. To YODA nihilists, that finite time in fact negates the significance of such activities, as the human condition has no value.
Y.O.L.O positivist: "I think I'll work on my novel today."
Y.O.D.A nihilist: "Why? You aren't going to care when you're dead."
Y.O.D.A convert: "I guess you're right. Let's get wasted."
#y.o.d.a #y.o.l.o #nihilism #yolo #yoda #you'll only die anyway
by Tanksilver25 August 28, 2013
whats yoda or yoda is used in place of whats up, whats good, or in some odd cases whats gucci. saying gucci is not cool anymore. saying yoda is.
you: oh hey. yoda
me: oh hiii nothing hbu
#yoda #whats yoda #whats up #whats good #whats gucci
by ello govna January 18, 2011
It is when a girl gives you oral sex after she fucks you.

It is called a yoda because she is performing the act backwards like the way the character from Star Wars speaks.
"Man that chick just yodaed me and then she wanted a kiss."
"That's disgusting."
#oral sex #blowjob #yodo #bozo #star wars #chewy #luke
by kev87474 April 01, 2008
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