Adapted from the popular term YOLO (You Only Live Once)....what you really mean is YOYO (You are Only Young Once) so live it up to the fullest!
Your friend asks want to take one more shot,, and you respond no I'm too drunk, and he replies YOYO!!! and we take 2 more shots because we are only young once!
by Maggie Abreggo August 26, 2012
Drake said YOLO and I say YOYO. Youre Only Young Once that's my mothaf*ckin motto.
*skydiving* YOYO
*Rock Climbing* YOYO
*Rager* YOYO
by YoyoGg July 23, 2012
You're only young once
Some retard thought it was cool to make his/her own version of YOLO
Kid 1 : Aren't we a bit too young for cigarettes?
Kid 2 : YOYO bro..
by SomeoneToHate June 02, 2012
your on your own
girl says take the condom off yolo
guy says yolo?
girl says yea yolo
guy says no that isnt yolo thats yoyo
by yoyo kid April 30, 2012
You Only Young Once
Stranger: Man don't go on dat rollercoaster ride

Lil boy: I needa go! Im under 12, its half price!

Stranger: Dam, u right #YOYO
by fugicalz April 02, 2012
A slang term for car. It is Cockney rhyming slang - short for Yo-Yo Ma, which rhymes with car.
Bridget: Hey Jeff, let's go for a cruise in the yo yo!

Jeff: Fair enough!
by technology212 February 25, 2010
The act of raising and lowering one's testicles without touching them. Often, the penis is drawn to one side to provide the spectator with a better view.
Look at Dan showing off his yo-yo skills! He's not even touching his balls!
by shilshulbalagan March 21, 2009
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