A slang term for car. It is Cockney rhyming slang - short for Yo-Yo Ma, which rhymes with car.
Bridget: Hey Jeff, let's go for a cruise in the yo yo!

Jeff: Fair enough!
by technology212 February 25, 2010
The act of raising and lowering one's testicles without touching them. Often, the penis is drawn to one side to provide the spectator with a better view.
Look at Dan showing off his yo-yo skills! He's not even touching his balls!
by shilshulbalagan March 21, 2009
The parody of YOLO. You're Only Young Once
Douchebag: I drank alcohol at the age of 12 and got drunk. And you know what I said? YOLO!!!

Guy: Bro, are you stupid. Doing crap like that could really ruin your life. But that doesn't mean you can't have fun, YOYO...
by lacrosseman11 April 27, 2012
You Only Young Once
Stranger: Man don't go on dat rollercoaster ride

Lil boy: I needa go! Im under 12, its half price!

Stranger: Dam, u right #YOYO
by fugicalz April 02, 2012
To get way to drunk and pass out before midnight, often in a place outside one's own home.
Noun: Dude, I got way to drunk and pulled a yoyo last night over at Allegany.

Or, alternatively,

Verb: After that shot of everclear, I completely yoyo-ed myself.
by Team Wicomico April 28, 2010
1.A new slang term for one who sucks male genitalia.
2. A fun toy
1. "man that bitch over there is a yoyo!"
2. "I enjoy doing tricks with my yoyo"

note: example 2 works with both definitions.
by JandC June 21, 2006
Acronym for: You're only young once.

Do things while you are young and can still get away with them. Don't settle down until after your millionth drink/smoke.
Wanna go out?
We work tomorrow at 9am.
What are you, 70? Let's go!
Alright, YOYO!
by Blue Rose 2012 July 20, 2012

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