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You will be incredibly lucky if you ever meet a Yoyo. Yoyo has his heads on his shoulders, and a handsome head at that. He has a month's worth of music on his computer. When he farts he creates concertos fit for a king. He is very good at slappin da bass. Yoyos are known for having the softest lips ever. When he kisses you it's the perfect balance between passion and tenderness. He is super considerate. Even if it is in the dead of night, he will run to a bodega to make sure you are well fed.
Man, you're so lucky to have met Yoyo. He's a real catch. I wish I had a Yoyo.

When Yoyo holds me I feel like I might burst any second with happiness.
by pallidpanda May 23, 2010
17 18
When you're trying to hold back a monster sized shit and it keeps pushing its way out; followed by you pulling it back in.
Dude you have got to pull over! I've got a serious yo-yo going here.
by Hu Jia September 21, 2004
158 78
Medical slang, but can be used anywhere: Means: You're on your own. Used in a hospital on the day of discharge as in the phrase "OOB,OTD, YOYO" : Out of Bed, Out the Door, You're on your own. Can be used by parents of colleged aged kids, or by someone breaking up with someone else. .
I've had it with you, YOYO!
by DoctorSteve September 12, 2006
144 80
Abbreviation for You're On Your Own. Something you say after a stupid person says YOLO, letting them know that you have no part in what stupid thing they're about to do.
Guy 1: Hey, I'm gonna go bungee jump off a bridge, YOLO!
Guy 2: Uh, YOYO bro. Go be stupid by yourself.
by ilikechickennn August 22, 2012
65 18
a childs toy used for amusement in an up and down motion, capable of performing tricks
yo my homie bro, thinks are totally wack... have u seen my yo yo??
by Tom Barrett October 28, 2003
71 36
a seemingly psychotic person who expresses him/herself through insane stunts.
"Did you see that yo-yo jump that truck holy shit!"
by N!NJ4 April 29, 2005
58 30
"You're Only Young Once"

YOYO is a motivational phrase that nourishes the pursuit of happiness in young people. Unlike similar abused phrases, such as YOLO, YOYO remains positive and is seldom used by prepubescent girls who seek an excuse to expose their chest or by idiots who need a catchphrase for their Jackass-like stunts.

But there's much more to YOYO...

YOYO is not merely a term. It's a way of thinking. It's a state of mind. The basic principle of YOYO states that the journey, not the destination, is what permeates us with happiness. Thus, the start of the journey, the beginning of our life is of vital importance. The end could be anything. The end could be a slow, painful, lung cancer... or a sudden plane crash. Ergo, the most rational course of action is to give more importance to our youth and not the end.
Adriana tried to butt-rape me with a broom. I said no. She said "Come on! YOYO!"

My friend used to be a meth addict. All he needed to heal was to hear me say, "John, YOYO." - He's been clean for 2 years now.
by pcordon August 17, 2012
57 35
Yo-Yo: A term used to describe the sponging 10 - 14 year olds who roam around amusement arcades, accosting strangers for money. This is usually opened with the statement "Yo, yo, gimme fifty pee."
Yo-Yo's are usually sent packing with a little verbal assault (or physical assault - it's all good in this situation).
"Ah hell, Yo-Yo's at ten o'clock high."

"Yo-Yos. Just ignore 'em."
by Mondo Kane September 24, 2004
73 54