The condition of the vagina after the application of yogurt to fight yeast infection: abbreviation. Despite argument, it was verified by an OBGYN that applying live-culture yogurt to the inside of a vagina helps fight vaginal yeast infection, but does cause a yo-vag.
In the ensuing holy weeks before Easter, Connor reminded Skylar, "Don't get a yeaster on Easter, get a yo-vag!"
by Connor/Skylar March 18, 2008
Top Definition
You don't want that uncomfortable feeling of a yeast infection while hunting for easter eggs, do you?? Well, we have the best solution ever to get rid of your yeast infection, or even WORSE a yeaster on the upcoming easter! It's called a yo-vag (abbreviated for yogurt-vagina) and is when yogurt is applied to the vag to fight yeasters. Studies show that applying live-culture yogurt to the vagina will actually fight your yeaster on easter. So don't waste anytime and make sure you get a yo-vag when you have your next yeaster, even if it isn't on easter.
"Oh snap, i don't want a yeaster on friggin easter Connor! How am i supposed to go easter egg hunting with this bitchin' itchin'?!" -Skylar
"Duhhh, you know the solution... get a every time!"-Connor
by Skylar/Connor March 20, 2008

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