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A yo-dog has many definitions but there are three main meanings for the term

1. Someone who thinks highly of themselves even though they are a loser, we like to call this a "too cool for school a$$ hole".

2. A white or asian person trying to act black.

3. A showoff. Those people who just piss you off because everything they do is better then you in some way.

"Hey, everybody, look at me, i am so cool"
"uhm, no you are not cool, you are just a yo-dog"
by Master Yo-dog February 26, 2009
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(noun) More politically correct term that red-necks use for the punk-ass thugs who are known to hang out at movie theaters and malls in large quantities and also known to greet each other with "Yo dawg!". Males can be identified by the pants they wear around their knees and females of this variety tend to not wear pants (for very long).
Man I don't go to Regency Mall anymore, they got too many yo-dogs up thar.
by JP January 16, 2005

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