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A word to describe a papa which has been yo-ed by something or someone.
That chap has been Yo Papa-ed by Steven Speilberg about fifty times!
by Baz November 30, 2003
4 7

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Term used to downgradingly define the person that owns or pwns you.
Don't even try to start shit with me dawg, I'm yo papa.
by Jeff November 30, 2003
9 3
An attempt for females to make a more feminine version of "Yo mama" unfortunatley, like many Hollywood sequels, this phrase wasn't able to live up to its predecessor.
I fucked Yo papa last night biotch!
by Z-Roy December 01, 2003
11 8
It means "funny" but "lovable" as a cheerful expression.
Wow! What a Yopapa! I like it!!
by Big Eye May 05, 2005
2 1
Your Dad
Yo Papa was sitin at home drinkina 50 cent bottle of beer
by Taylor November 30, 2003
5 8
1) meaning your father

2) an immediate response to an a insult (see: yo mama)
1) Yo papa was here a minute ago.

2) You're so ugly!...Yo papa!
by KoVaH November 27, 2003
4 8
Your father.
Tell yo papa he should've raised you betta!
by Krista November 29, 2003
3 9