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your mother, your biological mother, the woman who gave birth to you, the woman who gave you half of your genes
john: hey shonesia mokishia shonlisha! can i have a penny?

shonesia mokishia shonlisha: ok...but dont lose it in yo mommas rolls!!
hi jonaynay

by da suburban ghettos August 11, 2007
2 4
basically used as a silly answer to a question u don't know the answer to. usually used to crack a joke despite the fact it might make no sense!
guy 1:"dude, ur small!"
guy 2:"yo momma's small!"
by jenn December 27, 2004
10 12
Someone who is so fat that she has two area codes.
Yo mamma's so fat, I ran around her and got lost.
by dj gs68 August 23, 2003
16 18
the subject of most jokes
yo momma was virgin now shes pay as you go!
by gjhieruhgaiuergh April 29, 2010
0 3
A answer to any question someone doesnt know the answer to
Teacher: Ok, Mark what is the captial city of Jamacia
Mark:emmm...errr. Yo Momma *laughs happily and hi-5s his friend*
by Liam=] May 04, 2009
0 3
An awsome insult thats used WAAAAAAY too much...also my friend taught me how the best way to use it is!
Guy1:your and idiot
guy2:yo MOMMA
guy1:IS MY HO
by Flaming ninja October 27, 2006
9 12
Unfortunately a pretty bad retort to another person's insult.
Bob: "Joe your memory is about as bad as a goldfish."

Joe: "Yo momma."
by Saeed aka Armorking July 30, 2005
15 18