A cooler way of insulting a friend or a complete stranger's mom.
Guy #1: "Dang man, you look like shit."

Guy #2: "Yomomma."
by Whatalosa September 29, 2006
1. n. another persons mother
2. n. used as a comeback in verbal confrontations
3. n. used at the biginning of a sentence that makes fun of some one
4.adj. used to discribe an un wanted characteristic
1. call yo' momma
2. you suck. yo'momma
3. yo'momma is so fat she put a sheet on the oceaan & called it a waterbed
4. she was ugly like yo'momma
by pimp juz November 21, 2003
A phrase used automatically when you cannot come up with a comeback quick enough. "Your mom" means the same thing as "yo momma". Sometimes, if you are really lucky, using this phrase actually fits and makes a really good insult. You may have to say an actual sentence that plays on what the person just said and add "yo momma" to it. You can also use "ain't what yo momma said" to come back on a general rude insult someone says to you. This implies that you had sexual relations with the person's mother and she liked it. BEWARE. If you overuse "yo momma", it will not have its original sting.
This is a very good use of yo momma, though it might take a while to understand.

Annoying annoyance: Why is everyone acting so nerdy today? They musta got it from Patrick.
Patrick: They GOT IT from yo momma, you son of a slut!

This is an unnecessary, uncalled for yo momma.

Old grandmother: These cookies are fresh from the oven, sweetheart.
Grandson: Mmmm. Tastes like yo momma.
by FuturePatronSaint May 26, 2009
The best lamest way to insult someone's mom.
In reference to Avatar: The Last Airbender (Nickeloden show)

Yo momma is so old she was the avatar 3 times.

Yo momma is so ugly even the face stealer wouldn't steal her face no matter how she frown.

Yo momma is so stupid she blew on her hot coffee and claimed she was an airbender.

Yo momma is so fat it took 10 avatars just to earthbend her out of the ground.

Yo momma is so fat she dipped her feet in the pool and everyone thought she was waterbending.

Yo momma is so fat she stepped into the hidden library and it sunk.
by Budweiser027 April 03, 2008
A random thing to shout when bored.
Dude: I'm bored.
Other Dude: So?
Dude: Yo momma!
by bobauly April 01, 2008
Means if someone says your ugly etc... that it is a smart comeback. It really just insults the persons mom.
Bully:"Your so ugly I can't even face that direction!!! "Ha,ha,ha!

Nerd: "Yo Mamma!!!

by AQUA16 March 26, 2005
A commonly used insult
Yo ugly
by emoboy173 November 06, 2008

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