A new show on MTV, hosted by Wilmer Valderama, that has people tell "Yo Momma" jokes back and fourth, and the winner in the end gets 1000 dollars in "Cash mahneyy".
Yo momma so stupid, she thought Grape Nuts was an STD.

Very obvious "Jesus Saves" sign in the background.

This show wont last long, they'll eventually run out of jokes.
by Maybelline April 27, 2006
1) The scapegoat of all bad things. 2) The final retort to any shouting match. 3) Root of all evil.
"You gay dawg!"
"Yo momma!"
by www.drewsportal.tk January 23, 2003
A crappy TV show on MTV that was hosted by another crappy actor. This show was about "battling" people (from other neighborhoods) with their stupid jokes about each others moms and other dumb crap to win prizes. MTV thought this show as so cool it made them feel smart.

Also a way to start off a joke.
Guy 1: Yo MOMMA loves Wonka Nerds so much, I told her I was a nerd and she started sucking me!
Guy2: What? What the fuck? I don't get you.
Guy 1:XD
by Uncle Jay July 30, 2006
A person (who should be a female) who gave birth to you and in theese days is the center of all jokes and is used when the answer to something is very simple (maybe even writen above your head) but you want to include someones mom in some nerds are even offended by them
"Hey whatcha doin"
"yo momma"

nerd: "hi what are yo doing"
bob: "yo momma!"
nerd: hey thats not nice my moms nice and wouln't sleep with you im telling"
by flipy dee do dah May 03, 2007
Use it as an awnser for fucked up questions.
- Who was that?

- Yo momma!
by Demo July 24, 2003
Insult used when asked any question, espically if you're lying stoned in the gutter and a preacher tells you that you are wretched.
(after the Preacher-bot has besmirched Bender Bending Rodriguez)
Fry: "Who was that?"
Bender Bending Rrodriguez: "Yo Momma!"
by Lugs-o October 16, 2004
1)The target of many insults. Whoever this "Yo Momma" person is, she must be one fat, ugly slut. Sounds like an Asian name.

2)The answer to any question. It means everything.
Guy1: "Yo Momma's so fat, when she got on the scale, it said 'to be continued'!"
Guy2: "Who's 'Yo Momma'? Sounds Asian."
Guy1: "........."

Teacher: "Billy, can you tell us what you did last weekend?"
Billy: "Yo Momma."

Guy1: "Hey, what's that gunk all over the floor?"
Guy2: "Yo Momma."

Man: "I have searched for years, and finally found you. They said you knew the answer to the great question...Why?"
Wise man on the mountain: "Yo Momma."
by Mbleh October 08, 2007

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