A word used to mostly insult people, also used for jokes, and used by mainly the black and "wigger" community.
COP: Sir, can I check your car for drugs?
COP: You're under arrest for verbal assault.......
by BeachBum March 11, 2004
Your mother; used when one usually wants to insult you in the highest manner
I slept with yo mama last night. Your dad also wanted some, but IUNAFUKNKILLSOMPEOPLE was a homo, so he did your dad instead.
by Miggy12 December 23, 2003
The standard response when somebody says something that could be offensive to their mama. The total number of comebacks to a yo mama joke are two, "that's what she said" and "of course she would." If someone came up with more than two, then the universe would explode cause yo mama so fat.
The Following is an actual conversation, the names have been changed to protect and serve yo mama.

LCF: nigga
Do: nigga's eating
LCF: i c
LCF: eating what
Do: u set urself up for this
Do: ...
Do: yo mama
Do: aka steak tenderloin with mashed potatoes and koolaid
Do: oooooo yyyyyyyyeaaaa!!!
LCF: that wuz good
LCF: u have mad skills
by donutey May 06, 2006
the target of many an uneducated moron's only comeback to an insult
1.) yo mama's teeth so messed up, when she smile her mouth look like it throwin up gang signs.

2.) yo mama so fat her ass has its own congressman

3.) yo mama so ugly that Triple H Pedigreed himself

4.) yo mama like a target, all them niggas get a shot

5.) yo mama so ugly, i took her to a dog show and she won best in breed.

6.) yo mama has pistolgrip ears and a flat head...for me to put my beer on

7.) yo mama so dark when she step out in the walmart parking lot in the daytime the safety lights come on
by C-Note and P-Unit February 16, 2006
yer mum basically. That's about it really. Need a few more words to fill this thing in.... hmm. Will that do the trick?
Yo mama told me she don't know HOOOO yo daddy woa-wwwwwwwz!
by Arthur Atkinson February 10, 2005
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