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A famous cellist
Shut up! Yo Mama's playing Eine Kleine Nacht Musik.
by Music Fan February 10, 2004
a word that a person uses to insult another persons mother
micheal had just pissed in the park
jack says,"i know that was what yo mama teach you,".
by hazwan January 31, 2004
mostly a joke aboat someones mom
yo mama is so poor she told your little sister that santa clause is dead.

yo mama is so poor when someone put out the cigarate in the house they said who turned off the heat.

yo mama is like the pills dairy dough boy every one wants to poke her.

yo mama is like a brick wall she is always getting laid.

yo mama is so fat even rickerd simones laughs at her.
by Evan January 28, 2004
a commonly used phrase used to demean ones mom.
your mother looks good in leather
by ganj0r November 30, 2003
see 'Good Fuck'
yo mama is a good fuck
by Hayden November 17, 2003
the response a pimply faced kid has for everything.
So dean what is the anser to question number 4 YOUR MAMA
by asian September 08, 2003
a diss or a joke
yo mama so old she sat next to jesus in 1st grade

yo mama failed this test... even jesus failed!
by im soo hoooooood ;] April 30, 2009