your mama is so fat when see sat on the rainbow skittles came out
yo mama is so cute heyyyyyy
by dervayja fullmore May 03, 2007
way for those of us with an IQ under 60 to make a joke
(good one)
your mama is so fat that she has 2 birth days her's and earth day

(decent one)
your mama so fat when she was a lizard for halloween ever one thougt it was godzilla

(really bad one)
your mama so stupid....uh.......she......sniffs the dog
by chopmasteronion2 August 18, 2005
yo mama
yo mama iz so fat, she haz got more rolls than a supermarket!!!
by youtalkintome? November 07, 2003
A term of affection used when "mum" simply doesn't cut it. The person aquiring this name is much loved and respected by all the people surrounding them. They are loving, caring, thoughtful, intelligent, understanding and put up with alot of crap from their sons and daughters. These people are loved so much more than they realise, even if they realise that they are loved alot! Keep it real in the ghetto Yo Mama's, we love you.
Yo Mama how was your day?

or just

Yo Mama!
by Homie in the hood August 23, 2006
a remark meant to be derrogatory, but only comes out as being incredibly asinine.
"yo mama so big when she sits around the house, she sits AROUND the house!"

person 1-"what are we doing tonight?"
person 2-"yo mama"

by HEEBIES March 16, 2006
a response that retards give to every question asked even if the question is not directed toward the retard
shelley: so what are you gonna do today katrina?
katrina:(interrupted by tait)
tait: YO MAMA!!!
by hmm take a good guess July 10, 2004
Not my mama.
Yo mama.
by redster March 30, 2004

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