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Yo mama= a sexy thing to add after EVERY phrase!
"josh: you are so gay!"
"scott: no yo mama is so gay in bed!"
by BUTTERNIPPLE June 22, 2007
6 7
Aaron Healy's only comeback
Someone - Aaron, put that cock down and grab the butt plugs.
Aaron - Yo Mama!!!
by poontang March 17, 2004
14 15
as in yo mama not mine so back the fuck up!!
yo mamas so small she plays tennis against the curb!
yo mama is like a contoller you press her buttons and play her w/ yo joystick.
yo mamas like a slot machine the more you pay the more you play!
by nerf-herder5000 August 06, 2007
6 8
A typical insult that dates back to around the 90s. Usually stupid and demeaning.
Actual example: Yo mama so (BLANK) she (BLANKITY-BLANK)
by Matt November 10, 2003
11 13
German rap lable
by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
8 10
yo mama's drawers so funky they can play bass for P-Funk
by Nate June 10, 2003
9 11
A brand of outdated jokes that are still told by ignorant fucktards. Anyone found telling these jokes are to be immediately dazed by pepper spray, assfucked by a homeless bum, and fight Chuck Norris to the death.
Yo mama is so fat, when she stepped on a scale, her acceleration from rest resulted in a force between the two conductors of 6.0 to bi-tensor com-flex 23 newtons-per-minute and the magnetic flex around the closed curve was proportional to the algebraic sum of electric currents flowing through that closed curve.
by ServiceWithaSmile March 21, 2009
12 15