Yo mamas so ugly she owes my dog fuck money.
Yo mama's like a drug store, open 24hrs a day.
by Pikey Tom November 19, 2003
If you're a 2000s kid, you can probably remember that this was the most used comeback.
Daniel: So, how was your day so far?
Timmy: Yo mama!
Daniel: But my mom's dead...
Timmy: Well yo mama's a skeleton!
by Fr3nch fr13s May 15, 2014
Joke Time: If I had half-a-penny for every brain cell that yo mama didn't have, I'd be richer than Bill Gates!
"FUCK YO MAMA!"......then fifty other niggas said "WE ALREADY DID!!!" DAMN!
by Suck My Dick November 30, 2004
The person who keeps calling me
Yo, man, yo mama needs to stop calling me. I'm runnin' out of minutes on my cell phone.
by CDG January 22, 2004
Your mother;Defense against insult, as in
Dave: You're a cocksucker! Connick: Yo mama!
by yoh mahmah March 04, 2003
The woman at the corner of the street that gives everyone head
Zarkpa: Who is that lady?

Lanre: YO MAMA
by AArshavin July 19, 2010
a gay show that is nothing but two bitches talking shit.two "rappers" talking shit about one anothers moms.
yo'mama fanatic: eh dude i just watch the new episode of yo'mama it was good.

me:dude that show be gayer than a fag nuke y u be watchin dat dumb shit
by fagaphobic January 21, 2009

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