a term used in jokes and used for no reason at all sometimes
Yo mama so stupid she put a quarter in a parking meter and said "where's my gumball?"
by real men wear pink April 25, 2006
is so fat shes got more chins than a chinese phone book
yo mama is so stupid she got stabbed in a shoot out
by chapelle April 03, 2004
yo mama so stupid she went to bed with a ruler to find out how long she slept

yo mama so stupid she climbed over a glass wall to see what was on the other side

yo mama so fat she needs to watches one for each time zone
yo mama like a lightswitch any one can turn her on
by godofthunder890 December 21, 2003
Literally means your mother. It is sometimes used for mockery or insults. For example:

Guy 1: Guess who's gonna kick your ass?
Guy 2: i know who's gonna kick yours.
Guy 1: who?
Guy 2: Yo mama. Aha!
by MOshizzle November 22, 2007
Your mom An insult... like those "Yo Mama" jokes. An insult to people's families.
"Yo mama so fat, the last time she saw 90210 was on a scale!"
by Mistukai_O_Kuroi August 31, 2004
The person who loves you even if you act like a heartless bitch who cares about only yourself. The person who argued for their right to have you in the first place, and has never been sorry she did even when you completely turn your back on her. The place you can always go when you find out that friends come and go but your mother will always be there to help you pick up the pieces.
Only Yo Mama could forgive you for that.
by Always143 August 11, 2010
1: a pitiful insult used when people can't think of any other retort.
2: used to offend retarded people when you want to get in a fight with them
3: a pathetic joke people say in 4th grade, then bring up again in 10th and get beat up.
1: amy-you're so ugly!
gwen-yeah well so's YO MAMA!!!
2: tommy-hey yo mamas a HO!
billy-what did you just say about my
mama?! wanna start a fight punk?
3: yo mama's so fat, when she jumped into the ocean, the whales started singin' we are family!!
yo mama's so dumb, she returned a donut cuz it had a HOLE in it!!!
by nikki November 23, 2003
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